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2019-2020 lunch and learn calls

  • November 12: Sleep Apnea and Stroke

  • January 14: Q & A Prescription vs OTC Medicines

  • March 10: Assistive Devices and Stroke Technology

  • May 12: TBD

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Q & A on Prescription vs. OTC Medicines

Rescheduled Date: TBD


  • What is the Difference
  • Brand vs Generic
  • ​Drug - Drug Interactions
  • ​Food and Drug Interactions
  • ​Questions



Participation on the calls is absolutely free. 

Please call 1-800-920-7487 and enter the passcode at the start of the call listed on the flyer.

If you have any questions or need additional information please contact us at 1-888-988-8047.

Next call:

Stroke Survivors Empowering Each Other (SSEEO) invites you to join a lunch and learn series for stroke survivors, caregivers and healthcare professionals!


The SSEEO Toll-Free Lunch and Learn Series builds community, provides support and shares information by connecting stroke survivors, caregivers, health professionals and other stroke stakeholders.

  • Use the series right in your home to gain valuable stroke information for yourself or a loved one. 
  • Use the series as a community outreach activity or stroke support group meeting. 

So grab your lunch, the phone and don’t forget to bring your questions to this educational conference call. 

The calls last approximately 30-45 minutes. Please submit your questions prior to the call (listed below).

Your comments are very important to us. Please let us know how we are doing and suggestions for future lunch and learn topics.

Lunch & Learn

Teleconference Series

  • A-fib and Stroke Prevention (10-14-14)33:18
  • Palliative Medicine. What Is It and Do I Need It? (6-21-16)25:27
  • Getting to the Heart of Stroke Legislation (2-14-17)50:36
  • Brain Health (9-13-16)27:15
  • Stroke and Vision Problems (4-12-16)29:29
  • TPA, Coiling and Stents...What Does it All Mean? (3-15-16)25:08
  • Post Stroke Depression and Fatigue (2-9-16)46:02
  • Navigating Legal Issues for Family Caregivers (8-11-15)37:09
  • The Link Between Oral Health, Heart Disease and Stroke (8-12-14)32:56
  • Navigating the Healthcare System...How to Get Quality and Comprehensive Health Insurance if You Have (6-10-14)29:55
  • How to Plan a Vacation if You Have a Disability (3-11-14)1:5:18
  • Group Transit and Options for Travel Independence (6-13-17)48:48
  • Stroke Research Studies and Why You Should Participate (8-8-17)33:12
  • Expert Stroke Care...Why it's so Important 11-14-1741:50
  • Stroke and Nutrition, Go Further with Food! (3-13-18)52:20
  • Health and Wellbeing Survey Results 6/12/1822:02
  • Caregivers Forum 9/4/1835:34
  • Women and Stroke 12-11-1822:01
  • Psychological Effects of Stroke 3-12-1940:29
  • Aphasia and Loss of Language after Stroke (5-14-19)38:58
  • Pet Therapy for Stroke (9/10/19)31:38

9/10/19 - Pet Therapy for Stroke

3/12/19 - Psychological Effects of Stroke

3/13/18 - Stroke and Nutrition

2/14/17 - Getting to the Heart of Stroke Legislation