1 (888) 988-8047

Step 2:  You will start receiving:

  • newsletters
  • access to educational toll-free calls for the lunch and learn series
  • information about community events
  • invitation to SSEEO's annual conference

 Step 3:  You decide what is most helpful and when you would like to become more involved.

  • heath fairs
  • deliver presentations on the importance & impact of stroke 
  • become a peer mentor to a stroke survivor through the SSEEO Stroke Survivor 2 Survivor telephone peer support program
  • share your story with others during support group meetings or to the community


Become a SSEEO volunteer. You can represent SSEEO in the following ways: 

Get Involved

                                     Making a Difference!

Step 1:  Contact SSEEO or use the form at the right corner of this page


Becoming a member of SSEEO will make a difference in your life as well as provide opportunities to help others.  
It’s as easy as 1-2-3.


Host a third-party fund raising event or make a donation to SSEEO.

Together, WE can make a difference in the stroke community!