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Spring Grove Ladies Golf Outing Fundraiser for SSEEO

The Spring Grove Ladies Golf Outing is an annual event. It began over 35 years ago. Participants gather once a year and participant in an 18 hole tournament. This year the event was held as a fundraiser with SSEEO being the recipient.

There were 72 participants (shown below). Event was held in Spring Grove, IL.

* Host a third-party event or make a donation to SSEEO.


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             Making a Difference!

Vista's Employees and Michelle Jordan, SSEEO Volunteer

Michelle Jordan, SSEEO Volunteer

Vista Health Systems Employee Giving Campaign

SSEEO was chosen as one of three organizations to be a part of Vista's employee giving plan. One of the fundraisers was a 5k event. Vista Health Systems is located in Waukegan, IL