SSEEO presents to veterans audience at Roll Call Chicago event in Gurnee, IL.  Dr. Charu Nagar shared the warning and risk factors of stroke and other important stroke information. Brian Herbst, a stroke survivor shared his stroke journey.


         Brian Herbst


Midwest Stroke Action Alliance Stroke Symposium, Oak Lawn, IL


         Michelle Jordan


         Michael Victor

                                                             Panel Members:

         Phyllis Weiss, Brian Herbst, Michael Victor, Michelle Jordon and Mark Egelston

                                                             Before the presentation:

Michelle Jordon, Mark Egelston, Kathy Herbst,  Phyllis Weiss, Brian Herbst, and Michael Victor

SSEEO presented Stroke Can Happen at ANY Age (SCHAA) at the Midwest Stroke Action Alliance’s 4th annual stroke symposium. Brain Herbst, Michael Victor and Michelle Jordan (young stroke survivors) shared their stroke story to healthcare professionals on Saturday, November 5th.

During the Q&A the audience asked many questions and also asked how they can help the patient and their families when diagnosed with a stroke. They thanked the panel many times for sharing their stroke story.

Phyllis Weiss moderator and Mark Egelston (also young stroke survivors) shared SSEEO’s programs and details about the Stroke Survivor2Survivor (SS2S) telephone support program.

 NOTE:   Stroke Can Happen at ANY Age

SSEEO Presents at Roll Call Chicago (Veterans)!

Saturday, October 29th SSEEO held an event for the community on the Healing Power of Music and Stroke is Treatable. Mary Helen Ekstam of Journey Care took the audience on a journey to enhance one's mind, body and spirit through music. She used the power of music in a special relaxation technique. Donna Kruse, Stroke Coordinator at Sherman Hospital shared facts about the human brain, stroke and the warning signs and risk factors of stroke. A special thank you to the four members of the Elgin Symphony Orchestra who played during the event.

SSEEO Holds Regional Event on WORLD STROKE DAY!

Testimonial From Kirkland & Ellis LLP

SSEEO gave a wonderful presentation on stroke awareness. The stroke survivor stories were heartfelt, touching, and moving.  Their stories were heart wrenching but you could see how these survivors are fighters and advocates for  stroke prevention.   The panel that presented was passionate about getting the message out that stroke can happen at any age and to be aware of the symptoms in order to act quickly at first warning signs.  This presentation was truly a blessing to everyone that attend as it brought up awareness that stroke can happen to anyone at any time.  I would recommend to any company, no matter the size or industry, to have SSEEO come and talk to their employees as the message is critical and of great importance.   

Katie J. Ingleby

Staff Recruiting Coordinator / Kirkland & Ellis LLP


             Dr. Raina Gupta


Kirkland & Ellis LLP, Chicago, IL

                                                       Panel Members:

Dr. Raina Gupta, Minna Masor, Christine Winiecki, Brian Herbst, Phyllis Weiss and Michelle Jordon


This presentation is comprised of a panel of young stroke survivors, a neurologist, a stroke coordinator, a SSEEO representative and a moderator. The panel is equipped to present to corporate America, businesses, hospitals and other organizations to help raise awareness and prevention of stroke.

If you are interested, please contact Christine Winiecki at 1-888-988-8047.

1 (888) 988-8047