Hero Award - Chicago, IL, April 25, 2015

Lisa Robertson, SSEEO Board Member and stroke caregiver, was awarded the American Stroke Association's Stroke Hero award in conjunction with Chicago's Most Powerful Voices Gospel Concert. Lisa's sister suffered a debilitating stroke and shortly after her mother suffered two strokes. Lisa became the caregiver to both her sister and mother. Because of the life-changing circumstances, she also became the guardian to her sister's daughter. Thank you Lisa for being a Caregiver Hero!


Thomas McAfee,

         President NW Medicine

         Lake Forest Hospital

Phyllis Weiss, SSEEO President

Bob Biggins, SSEEO Board Member

       Stroke Support

Phyllis Weiss, SSEEO President

Amy Barnard, Stroke Coordinator, NW

       Medicine Lake Forest Hospital

Laura Meller, Manager of Critical Care,

       NW Medicine Lake Forest Hospital

                     Stroke Survivors

Front row:

Laurie Kosky, Jen Thomlison, Phyllis Weiss,

Rosa Flores, Bob Biggins

Second Row:

AC Inglis, Mile Repasky, Danene Scribner

Members of the Audience

         Stroke Award

Amanda Kelley,

      American Heart Association Senior

      Director of Community Health,

      Health Strategies

Thomas McAfee,

       President NW Medicine

       Lake Forest Hospital

    Stroke Hero Award

Representative Robyn Gabel

Lynne Braun, Chair AHA/ASA Advocacy Committee

Former Representative & SSEEO Board Member Bob Biggins

   SSEEO Group

    in front of Statehouse

SSEEO Board of Directors:

Bob Biggins

Christine Winiecki

Phyllis Weiss

Lisa Robertson

Mark Peysakhovich

Lisa Bartlett

Advocacy Group

    in front of Statehouse

SSEEO Recognition Event

Stroke Center Excellence Awarded to Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital, May 1, 2015

SSEEO hosted a Recognition Event....the gathering of stroke survivors, caregivers and specialists in the field of brain therapy celebrated May as Stroke Awareness Month by honoring Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital for being named a Stroke Center of Excellence by the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association.

Springfield Advocacy Committee Meeting - State Capitol, Springfield,
May 21 - 22, 2014

In honor of American Stroke Month, volunteers from the American Heart Association and American Stroke and SSEEO gathered in Springfield, IL. for an advocacy meeting to give support to HB 5742, HB 3724 and HB 5397.

HB 5742.....Phyllis Weiss, President of Stroke Survivors Empowering Each Other:  "As a stroke survivor and a volunteer, I want to thank sincerely Representative Gabel, Senator Steans, and former Representative Biggins for all their hard work on this life-saving bill. I know first-hand that stroke care has improved in Illinois since the 2009 legislation passed, and I will be even more confident of receiving quality stroke care anywhere in the state once this new bill passes and goes into effect."

HB 5742 passed Senate on May 23, 2014 and will be now be sent to the Governor for his signature.

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Lisa Robertson

Phyllis Weiss, SSEEO President

Brian Herbst, Stroke Champion

Roll Call Chicago Event (Veterans) Gurnee, IL

Brian Herbst sharing his stroke journey

Lisa Robertson & other Award Winners

1 (888) 988-8047


SSEEO Volunteer Award for 2017,  November 7, 2017

Brian Herbst was presented with SSEEO's Volunteer Award for 2017 for his dedication and service to SSEEO and the stroke community.  Thank you Brian for always being a stroke champion.